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12th June 2022 - Further progress on the 1851 census project here, increasing the percentage of Enderbys matched to WikiTree to 85%. The initial version of the data has also been uploaded to the site. More News

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The Enderby family is predominantly from Lincolnshire [1] in the United Kingdom although spread globally in the 19th century as did many other British families. With a few notable exceptions the Enderbys have traditionally been farmers and agricultural labourers [1]. The name ‘Enderby’ is locational (ie: Person of Enderby) which means that people who share the name Enderby may be unrelated. There are four places in the United Kingdom called Enderby: three villages in Lincolnshire called Mavis Enderby, Wood Enderby, and Bag Enderby and a town in Leicestershire just called Enderby. There is also a city called Enderby in British Columbia in Canada although this was named after Mavis Enderby in Lincolnshire. There are a few variations of the name Enderby although by the 16th century, the spelling ‘Enderby’ was significantly more prominent than the others. Other variations include Enderbie and Endersby.

Even though the number of Enderbys is relatively low, there have been several notable individuals including a 15th century Member of Parliament, Sheriffs of various counties (who worked on behalf of the King), and a 17th century historian and author. The Greenwich branch of the Enderby family owned and operated a trading and whaling company in the 18th century which led to some far ranging places called Enderby including ‘Enderby Land’ in Antarctica, ‘Enderby Island’ which is part of the Auckland Islands, and closer to home, ‘Enderby Wharf’ in Greenwich.

A summary of the Enderby name would not be complete without investigating ties to nobility. Whilst several Enderbys have been granted armorial bearings (Coats of Arms), the current research has not uncovered any noble ties or even a knighthood. However, the research into the Enderby name continues…

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